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Innovating for impact 

Compliant Automation: Reimagined

Delivering compliant automation
and streamlined solutions to improve
outcomes in socially valuable sectors


Re-imagining solutions that deliver positive outcomes to individuals, aligned to ambitious business goals

At Plianz, our focus is on delivering solutions which enable organisations to provide high-quality, scalable services. We seek sectors where we can deploy our innovative approach to have the maximum impact – be that a highly-regulated environment or difficult economic conditions – and where that impact has a social value.


With an eye on the detail, we use continuous intelligence to help clients identify and eliminate inefficiencies derived from the need to comply with important industry regulations. By focusing on maximising the automation of processes, we shine a light on what is happening in real time to enhance precision and optimise costs without compromising on the end-value being delivered.


Established from a team of successful software entrepreneurs, who together boast over 100+ years’ experience in building value, the Plianz group is highly skilled in realigning and revitalising businesses in pursuit of ambitious goals. These goals are always assessed against our advanced ESG framework, ensuring that our work correlates to the values we exemplify as a group.


Transforming the complex into efficient,
automated and simple problem-solving solutions


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CasparLaw transforms the process of financial management on behalf of individuals who lack capacity, offering unparalleled efficiency and compliance for deputyship and trust administration. CasparLaw releases billable hours, improving productivity and supporting high-quality services to clients.


CasparGov is the market-leading solution for local authority deputyship and appointeeship teams, providing a trusted service to efficiently manage large numbers of cases. CasparGov serves as an additional resource to local authorities, helping to deliver more with limited resources.


Engage is an AI-powered interaction platform, automating and enhancing engagement between citizens and the organisations that serve them. By automating process and interaction, Engage empowers the delivery of exceptional services whilst ensuring effortless communication with citizens.

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