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Transforming Engagement,
Driving Results

Engage is an AI-powered interaction platform, 
automating and enhancing engagement between
organisations and their communities.


Engage is an omni-channel, AI-powered conversational virtual assistance platform, providing an end-to-end solution for citizen interaction and problem resolution. Engage can be applied to any use-case, with a process assistant which supports and optimises standard or bespoke processes.

Engage provides individuals with easy-access to the information and actions they need to self-serve. When individuals cannot self-serve, Engage provides actionable information to advisors, with the analytics and insights required to resolve the interaction. As a self-learning platform, Engage updates its interaction models continuously to ensure the best outcomes can always be reached.

With integration into key systems and processes, Engage simplifies business operations and releases valuable time to focus on high-value, priority services.


Engage represents a significant leap beyond traditional touch-tone IVR systems, designed to enrich customer engagement and streamline compliance management.

Our innovative platform enables intelligent direct interactions, providing immediate, responsive service and moving away from the impersonal touch of button-based menus to a system that understands and resolves queries in real-time.

“It’s been a real pleasure working with your excellent team; they have time and again gone the extra mile and delivered”

National Careers Service

Adult Social Care

Enhances service personalisation and efficiency in handling care-related queries through automation, ensuring vulnerable citizens receive timely support.


Provides robust 24/7 response capabilities to handle a high volume of calls, reducing wait times and improving citizen satisfaction.


Automates and streamlines council tax enquiries, enabling citizens to manage their accounts and payments more effectively, round the clock.


Increases accessibility to election information, supporting democratic processes through reliable communication channels.

Environmental Services

Facilitates better management of environmental concerns, offering immediate responses to public queries on sustainability practices.


Simplifies the complexity of housing services, providing instant support for applications, allocations, and maintenance queries.


Explore the possibilities of Engage and the benefits that innovation can bring to your organisation

“The team have built a stable and successful system – any required changes are turned around quickly and they are never just reactive, they always offer a professional input”

Edinburgh City Council

“The solution gave us exactly the results we were looking for in terms of call volume reduction and channel shift”

Cambridge City Council 


Engage can be applied to any number of use cases to provide a complete solution for complex organisations handling large numbers of citizen interactions. Content-specific modules can be deployed with ease, optimising existing processes, guaranteeing required responses, and improving the experience for the end-user.


Improves efficiency in parking management, from permits to penalty charge notices, reducing the need for human intervention.

& Building

Enhances transparency and accessibility in planning and building applications, delivering immediate feedback and guidance.

Registrars Departments

Provides an automated response system for birth, marriage, and death registrations, ensuring sensitive information is handled with care.

& Benefits

Streamlines the management of financial queries, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of benefit claims and revenue collection.

School Admissions

Offers parents and guardians seamless interaction for admission enquiries, improving the user experience and operational efficiency.

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