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Empowering financial management for professional deputies and trustees with CasparLaw

CasparLaw is a comprehensive solution, supporting
professional deputies by easing administrative
burdens and meeting regulatory demands


CasparLaw transforms the process of financial management on behalf of individuals who lack capacity, offering unparalleled efficiency and compliance for deputyship and trust administration. With CasparLaw, professional deputies and their teams can unlock productivity, ensure robust compliance, and enhance service quality with our innovative features designed for the specialist nature of financial management by third parties.

CasparLaw is strategically designed with a focus on optimising routine processes to release billable hours. Our platform offers comprehensive financial management, reporting for internal and external stakeholders, and supports risk and compliance management, ensuring data security and reliability.


CasparLaw is a flexible platform which seamlessly integrates into your existing technical landscape, interacting with key systems and processes as required. The system is fully auditable with customisable features to aid monitoring and reporting for the data that matters to you.

Centralised, easy access to client data

With CasparLaw, the client data you need to manage complex files is centralised in a user-friendly interface. With client information readily available, case management is efficient and accurate.

For teams working remotely and across multiple locations, our cloud-based platform enables successful collaborative working.

Comprehensive financial records providing a full picture for decision making

With the ability to record and easily view account details and balances for all managed client accounts, accurate information of your clients’ financial position is available as required without the need for time-consuming data entry.

Automated financial plans and budgeting create regular income and expenditure, which as well as one-off items on a centralised ledger, means that the monitoring of clients’ transactions is no longer a manual overhead.

For financial assets, detailed information including valuation history and linked documents is available to your team and can be easily provided to third parties as required.

Compliance is guaranteed, reporting is simple

The powerful automatic reconciliation functionality in CasparLaw is a game-changer for you and your team. The ability to automatically reconcile thousands of transactions, with matching criteria and tolerances controlled by you, gives both peace of mind and valuable hours back to spend on chargeable activities.

Compliance with SRA Account Rules is engrained in the system, with Reconciliation reports available as standard. All transactions are automatically assigned to the OPG report heading of your choice, making annual reports efficient and accurate.

CasparLaw includes a library of standard financial and client reports, and a fully-customisable report generator allowing the extraction of all data held in the system to meet your reporting requirements.

Case management assistance to elevate your service

CasparLaw is a bespoke platform for the management of financial affairs by a third party with a fiduciary duty. There are a number of features designed to support the specific case-management requirements that arise when manging large numbers of complex matters.

All statutory COP, OPG and DWP applications and forms are held in the system and maintained by us, with automated population based on the client data.

There are insurance records for all insurable assets, with linked documents and expiry dates. Diary actions can be added to aid effective supervision of junior fee-earners, and configurable workflows allow standard operating procedures to be implemented across the team.

CasparLaw is developed with a focus on optimising routine processes and releasing billable hours, ensuring that the platform delivers a quantifiable return on investment

*The return-on-investment calculation, peer reviewed by the industry, is based on average process length without CasparLaw, and optimised process length with CasparLaw. National 1 guideline hourly rates are used, and total time released is adjusted for productivity and costs recovery. The actual total value of time released will vary by firm.

For a personalised return on investment
calculation, please contact us today


CasparLaw is unique in its focus on the professional deputyship sector. As yet, there is no comparable product that meets the requirements of deputyship teams.

With an awareness of this, we have a responsibility and drive to continue to optimise CasparLaw in the context of the environment within which the market operates. To meet this commitment, we are continuously developing partnerships in key strategic areas as well as exploring the latest technical innovations to bring benefits to our users.



CasparLaw can enhance or complement existing workflows and data systems, with fully optional integration available via:

  • Open APIs 

  • Third-party integrations

  • Custom development solutions

Leading the field, raising the bar



We are committed to supporting the financial agency and independence of individuals who lack capacity, utilising our experience and market position to improve the range and quality of financial services that are available. As part of this strategy, we have developed a partnership with OB Connect to deliver Open Banking services. 

Open Banking represents a significant opportunity to remove barriers between deputies, on behalf of their clients, and their banking providers. With the removal of barriers, there are efficiency gains as well as improved outcomes for the client whose funds are held.

The possibilities of Open Banking, such as improved account opening procedures, real-time account information, and in-platform payment initiation, are numerous. 

“I have been aware of, and worked with, the Caspar solutions for local government and professional sectors for many years. When I made my first steps into Open Banking back in 2016, Caspar was one of a handful of use cases which I knew would have a two-sided benefit from the technology. It would resolve a legacy connectivity issue between deputies and the bank, and also allow a greater degree of control and visibility to the end customer. A true win-win situation. To now be able to help and support from a supplier and personal perspective is a privilege and a pleasure. Caspar changes the lives of people without them knowing, with Open Banking those benefits and changes are both more material and faster.”

Simon Lyons, Chief Strategy Officer, OB Connect


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more about CasparLaw





Transactions (per client, per month)


OPG Reporting
Value of Time Released (per year)

= £37,680

Payment Processing
Value of Time Released (per year)*

= £155,520

Total Time

= £193,200

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